The GigPlan
The GigPlan
• 1 Gig eMail
• 1Gig online disk(iDisk-like)
• Designed for MacOSX
• Perfect for graphics
• Much, much more
The GigPlan provides WebMail, spam-filtered email, commercial free access, and a whole lot more. Sign up today!

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Consulting Services
We provide elite consulting services for an outstanding value. Our consulting services include; Macintosh programming, project management, Mac OS X rollout, and operational control over networked Macintosh computers, all which come with our outstanding quality and service.
What services are included with DEServing?
  • 800 gig / 1.2 terabyte dual processing server
  • operating system & license (UNIX platform, the most secure & virus-free option today)
  • mySQL database, Apache WebServer & PHP5
  • free updates to server & OS as they become available
  • scheduled backups
  • safety deposit box offsite storage backups
  • monthly backup reviews
  • general security reviews, updates & checks
  • 24/7/365 monitoring (health, maintenance, and operation of server)
  • DeSecure remote access
  • 12 hours/month consulting services for enhancing usage/configuration of server setup
  • advanced server support


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