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Welcome to desHosting
The Internet has changes the way business is done. These days if you don't have a web site then you can't compete. But how do you know who has the best service and where to begin?
Unlike most Internet Service Providers (ISP), Digital is committed to service. We're their every step of the way to ensure that your service is exactly what you want. Although we have plans, you can create a custom plan that fits your needs and your business.

Co-Location Plan

You can have it all! Our Co-Location Plan is very flexible, it's like having your own IT staff only cheaper. Your server will have access to our firewall protected high speed internet connection. In addition a redundant power supply, off-site backups, and regular maintenance. You will complete access to your server remotely and receive periodic status updates.
Don't have a server? No problem! For a small rental fee in addition to your regular monthly service fee, you can rent your own Apple G4 server or upgrade to a G5 Xserve.

  • Your Server - Your own Internet address
  • Protected internet connection
  • Remote access
  • Regular maintenance
  • Apple G4, G4 Xserve, or G5 Xserve availiblue for rent

Cost: $150 per month.
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Technical Plan Over View:
  • Co Located Site
  • Static IP
  • Firewall protected
  • Remote access
  • Offsite Backups
  • Regual Maintinance
  • G4 Mac OS X Server for rent
  • One time $50 setup fee
  • No transfer fees
  • Virtually no bandwidth limits
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